Guardian Angel by *Elentori


I have seen things,
That you will never see.

I have been things,
That you will never be.

I have been lonely,
And admired by a crowd.

I have enjoyed,
And cried without a sound.

I have seen darkness,
When light shined upon me.

I can see carcasses,
When flowers surround me.

The night you were born,
Chaos filled the sky.

Love replaced anger,
And my loneliness died.

You weren’t planned,
But you came right on time.

We gave you life,
But I owe you mine.

Son, Daddy loves you,
And I will make sure.

That happiness loves you,
As much as I do.


    1. Thank you, you sanctimonious, impotent douche-nozzle. :P

      And yes, you’re going to hear that a lot more.

      Seriously, though. Your input is always appreciated, Mr. Hook.

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